Electronic Medical Records

Keeping accurate medical records for patients is essential to any veterinary practice. When seeing a patient, your diagnosis, assessment, and treatments need to be documented and locked as a legal medical record. We have a range of medical forms, from SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) to Ultrasound to Surgery that will pre-populate with your practice information, the client information, and patient information, and automatically lock after 24 hours to ensure no changes can be made to original forms. You will have access to all X-rays, Lab reports, and another other documents and images you need, all in one area.

Our Electronic Medical Record section includes-

  • Basic Client and Patient Information
  • Documents and images
  • Medical History
  • SOAP forms
  • Client Communication
  • Ultrasound forms
  • Radiology forms
  • Surgery forms
  • Health certificates
  • Estimates
  • Release forms
  • Euthanasia waiver