VetOfficeSuite.com is the premiere online veterinary practice management system. We offer an affordable solution to practice management, saving you thousands of dollars on hardware installation, IT fees, and administration costs. Our platform is extremely user friendly, and your data is always backed up and safely secured in the cloud.

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VetOfficeSuite.com was founded in March, 2010, by Eric Bregman, VMD. Eric is the co-owner of the Bregman Veterinary Group, a growing group of Veterinary practices started by his father Dr. Jack Bregman, in Coney Island, NY in 1970. Eric, his dad Jack, and his brother Allan Bregman, DVM, now own 3 veterinary hospitals and a Nuclear Medicine facility in the New York City area, and recently have expanded to Orlando, Florida, where they will have 2 additional full service veterinary hospitals up and running by Summer 2015.

As the co-owner of multiple animal hospitals and a fan of the latest technology, Eric quickly became the resident "IT Guy", bouncing between his hospitals to fix hardware problems, train staff members, and install new equipment. He spent most of his "off days" solving network problems or running wires, and he envisioned a way to eliminate the costly hassles every veterinary practice encounters. He was familiar with all the major practice management systems that charged tens of thousands of dollars for installation, and continued charging for extra stations, additional users, and data backup, and he was convinced these senseless costs could be eliminated. After learning about cloud based technology and realizing he could design a platform that could be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, Eric formed a team of programmers and worked tirelessly to build the most user friendly and cost efficient practice management platform on the market.

In March of 2013, VetOfficeSuite.com was introduced at the AAHA Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, as the only Cloud Based Practice Management company in attendance. As users signed up and started using the software, they were asked for their feedback on what could be done to make it better. Their suggestions were taken into consideration and each month new features were deployed to improve the system. Even today, user feedback is the most important aspect of our company. We consistently strive to make sure we built a product that our users will love, and will make it easier to run their practice.

Today, when you sign up with VetOfficeSuite.com, you will be contacted by one of our Account Managers, who will assist you in the setup process. There are no installation or setup fees, and many of our users have found it easy to get started on their own. If you have a question or a problem, you can contact your Account Manager anytime and they will coach you through it. Our system is constantly backed up, so you never lose any of your data for good, even if it is accidentally deleted.

We are happy to set up a demo with you to show you how easy it is to run your practice with VetOfficeSuite.com. We also welcome you to log on and try our platform today. Remember, there is no cost to get started, as your first 100 clients are free. If you would like to discuss transferring records from an existing practice management system, we will be happy to explain what it entails. Simply reach out to us at 855-838-6334, or e-mail us at admin@vetofficesuite.com .